Candy’s Personals

Hello everyone, my name is Candy and I just wanted to Welcome you to my home page!

Looking forward to chatting about all things feminine!
It’s very cool to be “one of the girls!”

I am a member of a few girl sites (checkout my links page) and look forward to sharing my experiences in a respectful manner.
Looking forward to reading all about you too!!!


 Living in the Chicagoland area,  my life is filled with great experiences, fun loving friends, and a good paying job!

I actually grew up in Sandbridge, Virginia where a few relatives still reside.

Being a Heterosexual Crossdresser since I was a pre-teen has had its challenges. I would have changed my gender when I turned 21 if it wasn’t for the changes in my life and the money needed to do so.

I could write a novel on my life since I was allowed to experience a very feminine  and coddled side, early on.

Special Thanks to Brenda Brom for the pictures!

Today, very few people who know me as both genders, mostly though, people in my current social circles only know me as a male.
Almost all of my cyber friends and locals I go out with from Chi Chapter and a local message board, know me as a female.

I went to college, got an Associates degree, in Business Management and Administration.

After college, I went into the Navy and saw the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas, and the Atlantic and North Atlantic Oceans, experiencing cultures at every port of call.

From Palma de Mallorca,  Monte Carlo, Capri, Naples, Taranto,  Haifa, St Thomas, London, Barbados, Nice, Alexrandria,  Athens, Livorno,  Rota,  Breast, and Portsmith, I have see a lot of culture.

That was a long time ago and today, I am retired from my work in the entertainment business.

I am happily married for a long time to a religious girl, she doesn’t know for various reasons…sad story…..she has told me some things I do, she doesn’t want to know!

During our marriage, I haven’t  CDed, at all!!! …until the fall of 2010.
Reliving memories from my CDing bachelorette days and trying to figure out aspects of why girls flirt, it’s been a eye opening experience.

CDing helps to understand life issues and it has become totally addictive in relieving stress in my life.

Feeling pretty, silky and smooth is heavenly, always has been for me.

Being retired now, I was a music studio executive and entertainment promoter, life has been good as a male….hectic, exciting, and crazy most times.

I met those people you see on MTV, television, on stage, but mostly on album covers.

My life as a male is in the spotlite, as everyone in the business knows me by name, it’s quite unnerving when people I don’t know, know me!

So, when I can, I really…really, enjoy being anonymous as Candy, no one in my social circles knows the girly me!!!!


And that is a thrill into itself and is a great stress reliever!

In these blogs I post, I document todays experiences so when I get older, I can remember the fun I am having feeling feminine.

I am on Facebook, Tagged, and a bunch of social media sites you can find in the links section of my site here…

Documenting my girly times is something I couldn’t do when I was a bachelorette (and full time crossdresser) in the 1980’s…. before the age of inexpensive and reliable computers.

So, go ahead and look at my light hearted style, post your comments, your rants or raves, it all in good fun!!!

….Girls, just wanna to have fun!

All the best…..HUGs…..


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38 thoughts on “Candy’s Personals

    • I don’t know about being brave Mark, gosh…being in the closet with family and friends isn’t the term for that…I guess it does take courage to step out once in a while and meet like minded people. Writing in my pages here also does take a little leap of faith.

  1. I only found your site yesterday and it is always good and affirming to read about the life and adventures of others.

    Keep on keeping on.


  2. Mmmm, Candy! Well, I do know you, and you are a hoot enfemme. I wish I knew you in male as well, but you know what. You are just wonderful either way.

    • Thanks Arlene, I see you found us on the Transformations message board. I am wondering if you used my link on my Sweet Candy links page? It is always nice to meet another local!!!!! All the best Sugar! Hugs, Candy

    • Wow, thanks Arlene! It’s great to see and read your posts and experiences on the Transformations by Rori message board. I think I found a new friend!
      You so sweet and nice, Thank you!

  3. Hello Candy.. What a treat to read your page.. I also had a bit of a life in the music industry. Many years ago I managed a recording studio in california… it was a blast and I loved it.. Yes, I met many musicians and even dated a few but then real life set in and I moved on… I was one of the lucky ones as I never got into drugs or things of that nature, but it was a blast to go to all the rock concerts and feel important ..

    YOu have done much in your life and your travels are awesome. Mos to my life was in the fashion industry… modeling, commentating , designing and then owning a design studio and a boutique… I think the later part of my life is the most fulfilling…You are so effervescent in all that you do and are and I adore that. You seem to be fun, witty and truly interesting.
    I love the way you dress and your style is fresh and fun as well as modern but with a touch of your own flare and fashion wisdom.. you have your own signature look and style and that is something every woman wishes to accomplish in her life..
    Congrats to you.

    Your new best friend

    CEO/Fashion Designer
    Countessa’s Closet

  4. Hi Candy, this is Hermana here. Finally made it on to your website to say Hi and also to say what a bubbly and pretty lady you are. You are gonna be on my list of our mutual friends to visit from another site when I take a holiday from Downunder to the States in 2015. I LOVE your enthusiasm which just lights up your whole website so much. It’s perfect. Don’t change a thing about yourself.

    • Hermana! Good to hear from you!
      You are so kind and nice…”Thank you” from the bottom of my heart!
      2015 huh…gosh, I don’t have a thing to wear! *giggle*
      I can’t wait…maybe we could start planning a MWB G2G and invite everyone you want to see all in one place?!?!
      Got any ideas of where your want to visit?
      I’ll drive my convertible and meet ya, for sure!
      Good to see you stopped by to say hello, don’t be a stranger!

      • Candy Sweetie, it’s gotta be Chicago, don’t you think? I hear the guys wear such pretty dresses and drive sexy convertibles… 🙂 and babe, wherever else I go and who I meet, you and I are gonna dance rock’n’roll, and sing a duet and share some stories, so wear something with lots of frilly petticoats for the dancing bit. I was never a muso, but I did sing on stage in live theatre, musical shows of all kinds for about ten years.


  5. Candy, I love that picture of you as a little girl – so cute….I wish we all could have started as little girls !!! Hugs, Patrice

  6. Candy, you look great. I don´t know how you look as man but Candy is a beautiful and awesome woman. you dress so elegantly and tastefully. Male clothes can hardly compete.

    • Thanks Klaus….you know how to make me blush! Not too many know me in both modes, one or the other. I know what I like and wish more girls would take the time to dress nice. All the best, hugs, Candy

  7. Candy, I think you are very lovely! I’m envious of how good you look. I need to investigate further how to transform myself. I’d be happy to look just half as good as you do!

  8. Hello Candy! I am Sarah and I also love to live out my feminine side from time to time. It makes me so happy. – I just wonder how I can get rid of my wrinkles in my face. They kind of look unfeminine. – Did I tell you how pretty you look? – Love, Sarah!

    • Make up can help but in reality, wrinkles are wrinkles! Look at Maria Shriver, she is very feminine looking even with wrinkles. There isn’t a miracle cure for wrinkles. You have to adapt…oh, my…listen to me! Giving advice like I am Ann Landers or something… *giggle* Thanks for your nice comments Sarah, you’re a doll! All the best to you! Hugs, Candy

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