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Guy wear lingerie, “Honest!”

Okay girls,
Whether you realize it or not, Men wear lingerie and have there own lingerie.
Yes, your husband/brother/father/grandpa has lingerie…maybe hidden in a special spot…all men love panties, girdles, bras, nylons, and/or slips.
I am serious here, whether they got it from their sisters, Mother, wife or went out to buy it for themselves, men have and wear lingerie.
Men wear lingerie.
We usually never talk about it and most men do not go to the trouble of getting girly, like I do, but since I am out here as a male crossdresser, lets talk lingerie and men!

Satin panties are a favorite during summer months and though they don’t absorb moisture, they feel cool on your skin.
When guys wear satin or silk panties, they are sure to use a piece of toilet paper to wipe the drip after they… “make water.”
Some of us guys constantly drip from the excitement of wearing lingerie, feeling girly, and being frisky.
Guys learn that wearing women’s pantie pads with wings will catch any moisture we may drip in our ruffled frilly panties.
Wearing pads keeps us smelling clean too!
Wearing satin panties and feminine hygiene pads during the hot summer months are a Guy Thing” ladies…..
“HONEST!!!!!” …their not just for girls anymore!

Girdles are one of the most favorite women’s garments, next to satin panties, that men love to wear!
Open bottom girdles allow us to wear our favorite panties and keep our back supported during 18 hole golf outings.
During work, girdles can be very supportive and keep the beer belly in check.

We have learned to epulate or wax our body hair as being hairless, staying moisturized, and having soft skin enhances the cool feeling of silky and satiny fabrics on your skin during these hot days!

“Every Guy” will always wear lingerie! No exceptions….”HONEST!”
Guys love wearing pantyhose or thigh high nylons, during the winter months.
Keeps us warm under our jeans when the winds are strong.

Bras wearing is usually reserved for winter months as flannel shirts hide our breasts but we do wear bras indoors during the summer.
Guys do wear bras…we have a dedicated website too…Men Wear Bras!
All men sooner or later develop breasts.
A lot of men develop breasts as we age…when out pectoral muscles loose there bulk and turn to fat.
Our hormones change and we don’t mind supporting our breasts!
Once guys figure out their cup size, we usually have a few bras that are too small or large.
If the band fits us but the cup are the wrong size, we don’t throw them out, we cut the tips of the cups and wear them as training aids and breast shapers to make our chest perky and emulate a favorite womanly trait!
We usually wear them under a satin or silk camisole or full slip, the fabric massages our areola’s, while our breasts fill the darted areas of the silky feeling camisole and make us feel cool, silky and supported.
Under dressing for hot weather and getting ready to put on mens outer wear

Yes, whether in the warm or cool months, every man you see, on the streets, at work…own thier own lingerie and could be wearing there favorite article of clothing right in front of you.
I wanted to let the girls know for the chuckles I can here when they think of their Dad in pink granny panties or a bra under their flannel shirt.
Be assured, every Guy does it…I am positive. …and so what! …..not telling anyone about it, is a “Guy thing”.

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The Meet and Greet

I met Tammy on the internet when she came across my profile on a social media site.  We chatted about shopping and cute accessories that make girls feminine. She adores charm bracelets, long painted fingernails, and retro clothing styles. I like a lot of the same things. After many weeks of cyber chat, she wanted to meet to chat in person so we agreed to meet at a Starbucks coffee shop near her hometown.  I was a bit nervous so I went to get a makeover so I would look presentable. I had lost some weight so I felt I wouldn’t look too muscular or guy like. My cosmologist did a wonderful job making me look presentable.

I got to the coffee shop 10 minutes early and Tammy was already at the shop. She greeted me with arm open and a great big hug, her beautiful eyes soaking me all in with her pretty smile. She was a well-built tallish lady, well endowed but not husky, very pretty with long blonde straight hair. We evaluated each others presentation and complimented each other on our looks and style, like we did this before.

Well it didn’t take long to exchange personal information, though I was less comfortable telling her a lot about my life when in my other mode of dress and responsibilities.   During the early Spring months, we went shopping, dining, and movie going ….while I was in my girl mode.  Tammy was thrilled to have someone to chat openly about make up, jewelry, and fashion with someone who didn’t expect her to already know what looks good and what doesn’t. Her Mother passed away early in life and she was raised by her father. Maybe that is the key to being accepting of people like me?

We became good friends and the times I couldn’t be with her as a girl,  caused a strain in our friendship, but all was forgiven whenever we got together.  Or so I thought.  One day, while chatting in her kitchen, she spilled water on my satin blouse and with her help, made me take it off to dry it. Well the cuffs on the sleeves were tight and before I could unbutton the cuffs, my hands were captured in my blouse sleeves, behind the chair.  There I am, back arched, breasts fully contoured in my Sears timeless comfort, C cup bra.  I didn’t know she had tied a kitchen towel around my blouse so my arms were fully cuffed to the bottom rung of the chair.

Tammy was curious to a fault and this was not the first time my demure feminine manor was compromised by another girl. I tend to be such a feminine thing, wearing pretty perfume, pretty nails, nice makeup, and soft fabrics making up pretty pastel colors of fashion. Shiny jewelry, curious see thru fabrics showing pretty under garments and lingerie that contours me to enhance a feminine form.

Tammy wanted to see for herself, to venture into unknown territory, to answer all her questions. Without spilling all the beans, she unwrapped me like a little school girl and was amazed at how detailed I was in wearing lingerie, and what I did to keep from ruining my lingerie satiny fabrics. She commented how soft my hair fee skin felt, how pretty and feminine I smelled, and how natural I presented.

Tammy realizing her desires got the best of her and apologized for going too far as she watched me free myself from her frenzied foray into the unknown.  I told her she was too cute …we now wear each other clothes whenever we get a chance. I think I lost a satin blouse or two to her closet.  Tammy is happy with the arrangements as she has been married and divorced more than once. She commented knowing me has changed her perspective in life. She has become envious of my other life but understands she can’t go there without hurting a lot of people she doesn’t know. She said she is content with us being friends and likes when I come by to chat or if she needs a friendly hand.

So, of all the best friends I have had during my years, Tammy is a very special lady who cares for my feminine ego and helps me relive my youth in a very special way.  I in turn have helped her understand a lot about herself and continue to encourage her to love life and enjoy these days in a light hearted style. We all know life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

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Holiday Homemakers!

Well, the next two weeks are gonna be busy for all the people out there who
are considered being house wives and Homemakers, like “ME.”
You have finished signing, addressing, and mailing all your Christmas cards for family and friends (let’s hope?)
You have bought a new dress, some cute high heel pumps, and fresh dainty perfume to be your best!?!?!
(I can dream…. I could be dressed as a feminine as a girly host, can’t I?)
All the presents are bought and wrapped under the tree you decorated just after Thanksgiving….right?!?!

Now, there are cookies to bake, groceries to purchase, things to put away and clutter to store.
(this is where I get to put my vintage apron collection to good use!)
There are shelves and nick knacks to dust, table clothes, napkins, and Christmas towels to wash,
walls and ceilings to clean, and floors to mop.
Area rugs to vacuum and shampoo, sidewalks and driveways to keep ice free, and a Christmas meal to plan and execute.

Yes, we are hosting Christmas for my spouse’s side of the family, not too bad, 8 people in all.
But you want to be a good hostess, as we all have been to dinner parties where you were not even offered a glass of water.
Or there wasn’t enough dinners rolls to go around…no place but a metal chair to sit in, a strange odor near the fireplace, dust falling in your drink from the ceiling fan above, gum stuck under the dining room table, sneeze flem smeared on the wall, and house pets licking candy dishes on the end tables!

Yes, I been there, experienced that, and was just hoping to get home “without” contracting some disease!

So “Please!”…if you are going to host a Holiday Dinner Party for family and friends, it is your time, as a feminine and girly homemaker, to show a little compassion for you guests, who have drove the gauntlet of Sunday drivers and holiday drunkards… to be at your home!
If you can get your spouse to help or if they takes the reigns to host a nice event, do what you can to look at the “details” and little things that make the holiday special.
If you can find my thread in the Transformations Message board ( have to be a member!), read were I hope to post some of my experiences with pictures, tips, and recipes for a traditional German/Polish Christmas Holiday Dinner Party, like grandma use to host.
Enjoy the holidays and be careful…

Were you a good boy this year????? …
A little humor to tickle your fancy…..

During the Holiday, don’t forget…you are never fully dressed without a Smile!


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What is Crossdressing?

Below is a great read on how I feel I am, how being a cross dresser defines me, and how I approach the subject when asked. We should all know how to express our gift to the general public without hesitation. Once you know who you are, your confidence and knowledge that you are doing the right thing, for yourself, is empowering!

What Crossdressers Are Not
While the vast majority of crossdressers are ordinary heterosexual men with an additional feminine dimension, they are stereotyped by society based on a highly visible minority who crossdress for entirely different reasons. Drag queens are usually gay or bisexual males who don women’s clothes either to mock femininity and society’s stereotypes of gays, or to find sex partners. Female impersonators dress to entertain. Transsexuals believe they are entrapped in the body of the opposite sex, and seek sexual reassignment surgery.

Understanding the “Woman Within”
There is within each man a set of personality potentials that are part of his birthright, but that society labels as “feminine” and says he should suppress. Crossdressers have made contact with these potentials and found their expression fulfilling. Integrating these into their whole personalities, crossdressers are able to smooth off some of the macho rough edges programmed by their upbringing. The result is a happier, healthier whole person.


But Why Do They Crossdress?
Much speculation has centered on why some people crossdress. No one knows for sure. While some cite hormonal or genetic factors, others favor environmental factors.  Being coddled in early childhood, allowed to play dress up, or emulating mannerisms of a girl who is respected, early in life, could be factors. It appears that for many, the clothing serves as a “lens” to facilitate focusing upon and developing personality elements society has assigned to the opposite gender.

Is Crossdressing a Sexual Phenomenon?
Human being are sexual creatures. Early on, many crossdressers find the activity sexually stimulating. However, research shows the sexual factor tends to become less prominent over time. Crossdressing is more a matter of personality than sexuality. For many the need to crossdress becomes a part of the self, just as musicians need to play music, writers need to write, or ballplayers need to play ball. A life without crossgender expression is to some as tragic as the life of a musician forced to live without music. Like musical talent, crossgender expression can be a real gift.

What Types of People Crossdress?
Crossdressers come from all walks of life, races, creeds, and economic backgrounds. The phenomenon dates back many thousands of years. In some cultures, especially some Native American tribes, they were highly respected as shamans. Most crossdressers are well-educated and come from conventional family backgrounds. The vast majority are heterosexual and most are, or have been, married. Most are happy in their masculinity, and only a small percentage opt to live as women full time. A few women are crossdressers, but they are much less numerous than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is due to the relative latitude society grants to women in matters of dress and self-expression.

Can Crossdressing Be “Cured”?
The chief adjustment problem crossdressers face is societal attitudes. While these have been changing since crossdressers appeared on the Donahue Show in 1987, acceptance is far from complete. Because of possible consequences to families, jobs and friends, many crossdressers live shrouded in secrecy. Some crossdressers deny their feminine side and dispose of their clothing, only to return to crossdressing later, frustrated by the amputation of so significant a part of their personality. Some seek therapy, but as many therapists are not knowledgeable about crossgender issues, cross dressers sometimes find themselves educating the therapist rather than getting the help they seek. Nor are psychiatric drugs of benefit. There is no “cure” for crossdressing, and most crossdressers do not want one!

The Crossdresser and His Wife
How a crossdresser’s wife accepts him depends on his own degree of insight and personal maturity, the strength of their relationship, and the way in which she learns about the crossdressing. Discovering his secret can send her on an emotional roller coaster ride of anger, fear, denial and grief. She may feel it threatens her own femininity and the future of their relationship. Open and honest communication is vital here. Once a wife or partner realizes her mate isn’t leaving her for another man or for a new life as a woman, or taking risks that could destroy their financial and family life, the two of them can seek a balanced solution that suits their own unique needs and circumstances. Healing comes when the wife or partner realizes that her mate is the same person she has always known, recognizes the risk her man has taken in revealing his innermost feelings, and appreciates the trust this represents. Many of the traits that attracted her in the first place – sensitivity, kindness, appreciation of beauty, etc. – can now be seen as belonging to that “woman within.”

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Do you have the love in you?

You have to love,
to be in love,
to love that feeling,
to be happy and free….
…have you got that love in you?

Some of us express these feelings in our music.
What a great way to celebrate our feminine side!
I love to get out there on the dance floor in my heels and a skirt.
Something I do not usually do, which makes it all the more fun!

I just can’t stop smiling when I am in sync with my feminine side,
The positive energy one gets when experiencing a heavenly glee that surrounds your pampered side.
It’s a girly girl attitude that we can all use to enhance our everyday lives.
To get that attitude, we must look our best and be somewhat serious about our looks!

There’s no fooling around, wear sensual lingerie,
the kind of foundations and soft fabrics you would like to see on other girls.
Maybe a silk blouse, a tulip skirt, and pretty high heels.
Take the time to do your make-up…you can be so pretty if you try hard enough.

Make sure you have cute locks of flowing hair on your head,
accessorize with a barrette or a embellished headband.
Then there’s jewelry and perfume to complete the experience!

If you take the time, with a little effort, you can look better than some genetic girls in today’s society.
And that is the ultimate gleeful feeling, as your confidence soars and attitude rises to the point,
where you to are dancing in high heels and swinging in you flowing skirt!
Have fun and try to be a girl girl in everything you do, it can be a heavenly experience.

Because you are never fully dressed without a Smile!


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What makes you feel so feminine and prissy??

Making love in lingerie is a real fun time for me!

Getting dolled up in front of the mirror!

Soaking in lavender bath oil beads and being totally shaven smooth is so feminine for me.

Remembering and reliving my youth…
I often went to bed dressed like this in new lingerie my Mom had bought for me!

I could not stop myself from being wet. Some things don’t change! *giggle* …glad they invented pads with wings! ♡

I love lounging in silk and satin lingerie!

I love (I really do!) to have my body contoured into a curvy feminine shape!
“Do you mind if I put on a Angora sweater and a pleated skirt before we go to the show?”

So my friends, care to share and be the feminine girl I know you are?!?!
I think you would love to come and play with me?

We could go to the girls room or the stores changing room and you could help me adjust my garter!
Let’s go shopping and “Play!!!!”

…so, what would you do to tickle my fancy if we went out together? Hmmmm???

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Are you a girly girl inside?

I don’t know about you, but for me, being a girly girl starts with a feeling inside you.

Being girly is almost a artful ambition, knowing colors look better if they are defined within a black border.
It’s a demeanor, being a bit passive, soft spoken…not too bold, flamboyant, and boisterous.
It’s possibly why we like to wear lite pink and pastel colors and dress ourselves in soft fabrics.

Being a girly girl, when you can…“and you know you want to”,
is a experience everyone should be able to enjoy…because it is a wonderful way to be!

Trying on lingerie, finding the slip that is so silky to the touch….
…the bra and panty set that fits you like a glove, and contours yourself into a feminine form you didn’t even know you could have!
The make-up that transforms your face into a flawless looking femme fatal ageless beauty….is that really me, in the mirror????

Being a girly girl is also about going through the motions…wearing those high heels that you always admired…“they’re sooo cute!”
Walking the walk….down the street and hearing yourself, heels “clicking on the sidewalk”
…and echoing against the buildings as people turn their heads to witness your coming out in a most feminine way possible!
It shouldn’t be scary for you,
because inside, your confidence shows, you know…you’re a girly girl!

And they all…want to be like you!

We all want the attention, the admiration, and envy…to be beautiful, stylish, a trend setter.
When you feel that girly girl inside you, remember to gather all your knowledge about those feminine past experiences…what worked for you, and what didn’t…
and put them into the forefront of your mind.
Become the confident girl you want to be, with all you senses of touch, feeling soft and luxurious.
Sight, looking feminine with makeup, lashes, hair, clothes…the works!
Smell, perfume and dainty flowery scents even if it’s deodorant, body splash, or fabric spray.
Even the smell of hair spray has been known to bring images to peoples minds of their Mothers and Sisters!
Sound, some of the most noticable feminine traits come from high heels, soft spoken tones, and dangling charms on a bracelet!

Embrace your inner Diva my friends, no matter what gender your God gave you!
Remember, you should be the person that dictates what you want to experience in your life!
After all, you are not breaking any laws here, you are just expressing your feminine self, that is inside you!
There is nothing wrong being a girly girl, feeling feminine, looking pretty, and having the admiration of others.
It is a human trait we all have and is something we all desire.
Fulfill you inner self and become the girly girl you want to be!
For an hour, a day, all weekend….stay inside, go out, or toast the town!
You will be surprised how far a little confidence will take you, the experience is breath taking and is very enjoyable, you will see.
Next time you get girly, take a few pictures and remember the moment, they will become your most memorable moments in your life…

…moments you will never forget!


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